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S2C Pacific offers policy, political, and communications consulting services across energy, environmental, technology, and infrastructure issues. We bring the visions, ideas, and inspiring pursuits of entrepreneurs and businesses to political leaders, policymakers, and the public-at-large in a way that plays a crucial part in their ultimate success.

Meet the team

Patrick Currier

For more than 10 years, Patrick has worked at the intersection of energy and environmental law and policy as an attorney and public policy professional. Read more>

Scott Stone

An expert in climate change law and policy, with extensive experience in energy technology, sustainability strategy development, and risk management and resilience enhancement issues, Scott has advised and worked on behalf of energy companies, data tech companies, insurers, financial firms, charitable foundations, and foreign governments. Read more>

Shane Skelton

Shane is an energy, infrastructure, and environmental public policy and communications expert. He has extensive experience drafting laws and regulations, analyzing their economic and other industry-specific impacts, and communicating complex legal and regulatory concepts to target audiences using multiple platforms. Read more>

What we do

S2C Pacific offers policy, political, and communications consulting services across
energy, environmental, technology, and infrastructure issues.


Analyzing policy, regulatory, and political risks facing business models, industrial sectors, asset classes, and investment portfolios and developing strategies to manage these risks.


Explaining how federal and state political systems work – and how to make them work for your business, organization, product, or policy position.


Crafting effective communications materials and designing and managing outreach strategies to ensure relevance, timeliness, and priority before policymakers, political leaders, media, and other stakeholders.

Analyze federal and state legislative and regulatory actions and develop model legislation and regulatory frameworks

Identify, research, and analyze key policy issues and sector trends

Draft issue reports and policy briefs

Assess strategic plans, organizational structures, and mission statements for businesses, non-profit organizations, political campaigns, and other groups

Track and assess legislative and political developments in Congress and state legislatures

Advise on lobbying and other advocacy efforts

Gather, gauge, and prioritize political intelligence

Prepare profiles and other background materials on political leaders, government agencies, and advocacy organizations

Manage and lead stakeholder engagement and coalition building

Organize and execute media and political outreach strategies

Convene and moderate roundtables, workshops, and other high-level and multi-stakeholder dialogues

Speak, present, and/or moderate at conferences and workshops and before public bodies

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